Monday, April 7, 2008

Party (and) crashers

Lucas turned seven this past Saturday. We had the family over to the house to celebrate and eat copious amounts of Dairy Queen ice cream cake. It was a huge success.

He got the iPod shuffle he wanted so badly, and now instead of hearing him ask 1000 times a day "Can I listen to Michael's iPod?", instead I hear "Can I listen to my iPod?" That subtle distinction really has made all the difference. Now I only want to slam my head off of the wall on days that end with the letters D-A-Y.

Actually, the party was a welcome distraction from the way we'd ended the week. Thursday evening I had loaded up Lucas and taken him down to pick Brett up from Curt's grandparents, where Brett was busy reveling in his status as the only person on the premises without an AARP membership card.

As we were pulling out of the driveway I told him he wouldn't know what to do with himself when he moves out and lives alone. "Sure I will" he said, very matter-of-factly. "Get a house and don't screw up." Amen buddy.

The chatter continued until we were about half way home, when Brett looked up and said "MOM! A deeee...." By that point we'd made impact with poor Bambi and it was over. Thankfully, no one in the car was hurt. I pulled off and had Curt's
other grandpa look at it to make sure it was still roadworthy before we continued home. Still, I was a little shaken, the noise of the impact was sickening. We were getting ready to pull out onto our street when a car turned in front of us without signaling. Brett sees me jump a little bit and quips "It's a good thing that wasn't deer shaped."

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