Monday, April 28, 2008

Forecasted rain = the calm before the storm

The weather is finally, reliably, less than frigid here. And with the drywall up in the basement and being finished by Drywall Dude, Curt turned all of his energy outside.

Warm weather is like Curt-crack and it started Thursday when he decided that he had to get the grass cut. And this weekend, a rare one off for him, we had the garden to till and plant, the water to siphon off of the pool, pool cover to fold and put away, the list went on.

And while I love this side of Curt, it's really hard to keep up with sometimes. When he started lamenting the forecasted inclement weather this week, I realized that with all we've left to do in the next month, this would likely be our only reprieve before he decided to kick it up a notch and become a mere blur, dragging all of us in his wake.

Once Drywall Dude is done plastering, taping, and sanding we have to find the time to apply two coats of primer, and then paint that mammoth space downstairs. The wiring will have to be moved for the light above the pool table, as well as all of the other set up to get the pool functional again.

All in time for Emma's birthday party at the end of May, to which I'm certain, she's invited half the county.

And while I'm so ready to be outside in the heat, and enjoy this summer, the sheer amount of work we have to do beforehand is daunting. I think I'm going to take advantage of this last week of cool, rainy weather and curl up on the couch whenever possible. Curt I'm sure, will be standing impatiently, waiting for the sun.

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